Guest Post(s), International Day of Happiness, & Thankfulness


Happy Monday!

I recently wrote a couple guest posts for Single Matters and wanted to share them with you. I am still writing, but often exhaust myself on other projects and my personal blog is the first things that goes by the wayside. In any case, if you are interested, feel free to check out these recent articles.

Why Creativity is Important in Relationships


Does Virginity Signify Purity?

In case you were unaware, last Thursday was the International Day of Happiness! To celebrate, a few friends and I decided to spread the love and bliss on the UCSD campus. Below are some photos of our adventure.




As you can see, it was truly a marvelous day!! We simply passed out candy, blew bubbles, handed out notes, gave away free smiles & hugs, and just talked to people. While everyday is a day of happiness with Jesus, it was fun to intentionally celebrate this bliss with others!


Have a wonderful week!! I am kind of mind blown right now, because I just spent a few minutes writing down things I am thankful for and I’m realizing that there is so much to be thankful for!!!!!!! Seriously, so much. I encourage you to take just ONE minute out of your day to remember the beautiful things in life and write some of them down.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post(s), International Day of Happiness, & Thankfulness

  1. Is Single Matters for singles only? Is it a great site? What makes it stand out? I’d like to try writing for them. I know I could just check it out but you know, I want to know it from someone who’ve been there. And I am totally unaware of the International Happiness Day! Last Thursday, March 20? Wow, I should take note of that. Great pictures you have here. I bet you really enjoyed the day. :)

    • Hey!
      It isn’t just for singles, but a majority of the articles are geared towards singles. The last post I did for them was not focused on singles either. I would totally recommend the site. In fact, the founder of the site is simply fabulous! As such, the content is quality.

      I certainly enjoyed the day. Thursdays happen to be my favorite day of the week so it was a splendid day on all accounts! :)

      Cheers to you and happy Tuesday!


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