Yesterday, I feel like I officially became “adulted.” * I have less than a week to write a check, scribble my name on it, and send it to the U.S. Department of Treasury. I am “adulting” and I now pay taxes.

To celebrate, I bought an accordion file to keep track of my future expenses. It is black and boring, but it looked official so it just felt right under the circumstances. I am sure you understand my sentiments.

~~~I am now eating a brownie, because I am most assuredly getting work done and I needed a brownie for goodness sakes (I explained why I needed a brownie to the barista and, with kind eyes, she nodded her head with affirmation)~~~

While I was thinking about money, I decided to take a look at the value of my car. I felt even more adulted so I laughed. It is rather funny to wake up adulted one morning. I mean, this has totally been a process, but paying taxes made it feel so tangible. In any case, the brownie really helped.

I find it odd that as my body ages, my brain function feels about the same. I still feel young and sometimes think I am totally a freshman. Just the other day, I was at an art gallery where there happened to be a high school field trip in progress. To be honest, I felt about the same age as the teens in front of me until I remembered how old young I am and quickly stopped staring and walked away from the group. Weird.

A bit shocked by my new discovery of being slowly adulted, I have had a hard time focusing today. It seems as though, in order to focus, I really need to wear a beautiful silk robe, have a desk in my room, and make a DIY coffee filter garland to properly frame the desk. The problem is, I don’t own any of these things. *sigh* So, I am going to go shopping, but what I really want to buy is chalkboard paint for my large mirror. I figured that if I could just paint the mirror then I could write a list of things that need to be done and maybe, after that, I will be able to get to work. Then again, I need the desk first and foremost so that I can write the check to pay my taxes….

*Adulted//adulting- coin termed by my dear friend, Fern, and it just feels right. Essentially, it means becoming an adult.


In other news, Fern now has dog, named Walrus. For a good 8.5 seconds I thought about how great it would be to have a dog that I could name, but then I remembered that sometimes I forget to eat lunch and thought it would be best to focus on learning how to cook for humans.


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