Happy Fourth!

Hello lovelies,

Happy 4th of July! I love this day for many reasons, but I do not feel like talking about it at the moment. In any case, I have been spending time with the family this past week in LA. <3

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I know, we are totally adorable.

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I simply wanted to wish you a happy and joyFULL day! I have some fresh updates and posts that I will put up soon. In the meantime, I wrote a new post for single matters about authenticity. I also had the privilege to answer a few questions with my mom for a blog called More to Be.

Enjoy the day and the breeze!


goodbye king st

*The following post is my way of saying goodbye to a past season in order to embrace the one that I am currently in. With this in mind, some of this might not be of interest to you. Nonetheless, I am using this blog to document my thoughts and organize some of the memories*

Its hard to say goodbye to a place that was the setting for many fond memories. Sometimes, it gets confusing. Did the place make up the story, or did the stories make up the place? I know the answer, but leaving a place that was a big part of the story is hard. You see, I lived in a precious house for two years with some amazing people. My life was forever changed in that house, or was it merely the season that I resided there? Like I said, it’s hard to distinguish at times.
The house is soon to be no longer, rented out to strangers. The memories and friendships, however, live on… with new houses in new places and new friends in new spaces to be discovered.

When I realized that I was moving on to California, over a year ago, I wrote a little song. It is, in a way, a tribute to the girls that lived in the house and the memories that were formed.

I also wrote a little poem/ story about some of the girls that occupied the house (the 2nd year that I lived there).

A few days ago, my friends had a little going away party in Austin. I wasn’t able to attend, but on the FB invite I rediscovered old blog posts ¬†and a documentary of sorts about the King St community. It was neat to remember… to taste and see that the Lord is good and has even greater things ahead.

Maybe the following photos won’t make much sense to you, but these people make up King St… a season filled with world changers. All in all, King street is not a place. It was a beautiful season of my life that birthed much fruit. The season has now shifted, but the memories, and many of the friendships, remain…

another blog post about king st if you are interested:


*cheers to a new season*