Adulting pt II.

Adulting pt II.

The saga continues. From tax day forth, I have been rapidly adulting. Last week, I had an encounter with an extremely cold shower. The water was frigid and I came out shivering. My roommate, hearing my constant complaints, decided to check out the water heater and was greeted by a mini flood. The water had been neatly soaking up the carpet in a large portion of the garage. Unknowingly, I stepped on it barefoot and had pruned toes within 660 seconds. Wild. For a few days, everything in our garage was hosted in our living room like an unwelcome guest. Speaking of guests, we actually had a darling guest staying with us over the weekend so we decided to clear a pathway from the front door to the kitchen.



Adulting is both genius and shocking. As it turns out, you can’t plan for natural disasters or broken water heaters. Also, even if you are feeling stressed and decide to procrastinate by refurbishing a chair, you still have to get your work done before you go to sleep.

Just so you know, man cannot live on coffee and almond croissants alone. I have been learning this the hard way, but I am not too disappointed…

That about sums up the past week.